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a message from juliya

hey you'll, here's an update from juliya about a mountaintop removal event that's coming up in louisville. spread the word!:

Hey girls, how's it going? i wanna let you and the rest of your environmental club about an MTR info session/fundraiser coming up April 3 at the Brick House. It's a book signing by Eric Reese, who's written magazine articles and a book about mountaintop removal, and has really helped get the issue into the media. It's going to mostly be a fundraiser, but it will also be a good time to get together with other people who want to stop MTR and make plans for the future.

mountain justice summer is going to be focused on local and regional coordinated actions this summer -- there will be particular days that folks all over appalachia, and the world, will put on autonomous, independent events, rallies, etc. it will be good to start making connections in town, and around kentucky, to make this possible.

please forward this around, since i only have you two's email adds. my number is 548-0638 if you want to get in touch with me. i could also use some help organizing the event, so let me know if you have some time to help out. thanks, see ya soon
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