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what a wonderful day for mosquitos

even though it rained for a majority of the day and every louisvillian probably received no less than 2 dozen raindrops on their head throughout the day, it's a lovely/busy day for envornmental club.

example #1: myself and ms. anna are making the pimped out "come join enviornmental club" posters that will be popping up later on this week.

ohh. and i'm scouting out for one of those huge plastic water containers that you see in office's sometime. they look like the kind here:

all we need is ONE empty bottle. the size doesn't really matter, but if you know someone who has one- tell me about it!
we're planning on filling up the bottle with soda tabs and then once the bottle is full; donating them to an enviornmental fund. and we're going to have flyers about where exactly where we are donating so kids can learn about what a great cause it is. yep, it'll be grand.

also, bake sale next tuesday. i really wish i could urge the green kids to bake healthy snacks to sell, but that seems to be a turn-off to some students. my reaction: CREEPY!

and somebody totally said they were going to bring a container so the money we earn since last year it was all jean pockets. was it ms. caroline?? hmm.
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