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climb a tree.

i dare you.

manual's green thumbs
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it's time to rid the world of waste. okay maybe that's a bit ambitious, so let's start with manual and spread out from there. we hate to break it to you, but most high schoolars dont want to think about the horrible things that are happening to the enviornment.
being ignorance about the the earth we stand on is terrible and we are against that. not recycling and drving MASSIVE 4-miles a gallon cars to school is extremely dangerous to our wildlife. and we're against that too.

so where does your enviornment end and you begin? well, we believe the enviornment is sort of like a second skin. actually, it COULD be a third skin if you're counting clothes. anyway, you wouldn't lick the cement of the watterson expressway for fun, yet many people drive over this distance every morning and afternoon without car pooling.
and we're against that.

manual's enviornmental is a powerful group originally orgainzed by a group of highschoolars who really like to climb trees.
there's a natural chemical reaction that occurs in the body when people exert themselves in a physical action, like planting a tree. it's true, euphoria can be reached through a little-known "saving enviornment" endorphin. but not so little-known that we don't know about it.

so here's a quick run-over of the issues:

riding bikes
planting trees
healthy oceans
bake sales
fluorescent light bulbs

4 miles per gallon cars
victoria's secret
overuse of landfills
oil spills
mountain top removal
not carpooling

people for the enviornment unite on tuesdays in dr. crawfords room (210) at manual high school.
and if you can't make it to the second floor; you may purchase the baked goods from our bake sales in center hall every tuesday after school. meanwhile, be brave, listen to your science teacher and try to use less than 5 paper towels when drying your hands in the bathroom.