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memo to sweet surrender: eat our dust/amazing scones

woah! extremely eventful day in environmental club world. here's a quick breakdown:

last thursday: talked with my girl scout leader (yes, girl scouts) about a large amount of coke tabs that she has been collecting from her church which have been accumulating in her backyard for a couple years now. she said that i COULD HAVE THEM ALL!! because she doesn't know what to do with them.

monday: received written permission from principal saying that we are allowed to collect coke tabs in the freshman and senior cafeterias.

tuesday: bake sale with about 10 different types of treats including chocolate chip scones (recipe given by the multi-talented kate reed) that raised about $31 dollars.

tuesday afternoon: so when my mother picked me up from environmental club we drove by this recycling company downtown to drop off 4 HUGE bins of the coke tabs that i got from my scout leader. they paid $.35 per pound which i thought was pretty good. but just in those 4 bins i had 61 pounds!
SCORE! that means $21.35 for environmental club!! plus i have like twice as many STILL in our garage.
key words of that last sentence: TWICE AS MANY!

anyhoo, today was basically just grand grand grand. we also, have decided that we are going to start branching off into smaller, more in-depth groups which i find mucho exciting and effective.

spread the good lovin'
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